Eureca  Extensible Undergraduate Research in Communications Applications

Networking-Signal Processing-Security-Wireless

2017 Program

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EURECA 2017 Dates
Application Due:
Apr. 16

Program Starts:
June 5

Program Ends:
Aug. 4

Summer 2011


Application deadline: March 10, 2011
Notification Deadline April 1, 2011
Program Start: June 6, 2011
Program End: August 5, 2011

Research Topics

Stipend: $400 Weekly ($3600 total)

Travel Allowance: up to $500

Division of Housing and Food Services

Forms (if selected): Survey Consent Form, WNCG Intellectual Property, Video/Photo/Blog Release Form, SSN Acknowledgement, Standards of Conduct and Political Activities, Veteran Status Information, Selective Service Eligibility, I-9, PO-13, Payee Information, Payroll Services Employee Information, W-4, Medical Consent, Prox Card, RTA, travel reimbursement

Application form 2011

2011 Students