Eureca  Extensible Undergraduate Research in Communications Applications


What is this program?

EURECA is an undergraduate research program (called REU) sponsored by the National Science Foundation for research in the areas of Communications, Networks and Systems. Candidates admitted to this program will be invited to the University of Texas at Austin for 10 weeks during summer (approximately between May 15-July 31) to work on various research projects with faculty at the University. The students will also be paid a stipend to cover their travel, housing and boarding expenses while at the University.

Who is eligible to apply to this program?

Any student who is a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident. We typically prefer the applicants be in their junior and senior years, but this is not a requirement.

How do I apply and what documents do I need to apply?

Create and login name and password by clicking here. You will need your resume, an unofficial transcript and at least one recommendation letter from a professor at your University. Providing a statement of research is optional, but highly recommended.

What is the statement of research/proposal?

The statement of research describes your research interests, reasons why this program is interesting, and what you want to do as a career path in the long term. This statement is not a required document in your application but we highly recommend you provide at least a brief description of your ideas on research.

Is housing provided?

We provide housing for “non-local students,” those not currently attending UT.  Double occupancy dorm rooms with a private bath are available. The specific residence hall will be confirmed in early May 2010. Additional information about on-campus housing is available at the Division of Housing and Food Services web site.

Will we have a campus orientation?

Yes, for the first two days of the program you will have an orientation program. So please join us on the start date and not any later.

Will EURECA cover my school fees, gymnasium fees and health/car/life insurance?

NO. We will provide you a stipend check on a biweekly basis to cover living expenses and travel. However, we are not accountable for your other expenses such as fees/expenses incurred during this period at your parent institution and does not come with a benefits package. We will, however, help you find housing close to campus, grant you access to our lab facilities, and introduce you to the campus in general.